Pitches, videos and smoothies!



First of all, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, my life the past month and a bit , has been a mixture of merriment and presentations, indeed leaving me little time to sit down and think , let alone blog

One of these presentations was a pitch to the five by five PR company based in Southampton, who came to us with the brief of encouraging the sales of Welch’s juice in the UK market and increasing traffic to the Welchs UK website. The months prior to our pitch was full of juice tasting, questionaire making , social media monitoring and lots of creative brainstorming trying to invent some interesting tactics to fulfil the brief as well as capturing our sense of humour and personalities.

One of our tactics was to create a bunch of smoothie recipes to be released through social media sites in order to get the audience talking and tasting this unique tasting juice! We made a short home video to include within our pitch in order to portray our idea as well as raise a few laughs and get the clients trying these tasty smoothies!

We filmed the video using Instagram, in order to utilise one of the social media platforms that we had chosen to be a foundation for our online campaign, and this enabled us to be on the same level as the audience and not seem too over professional, giving Welch’s a less corporate personality.

Would love to know your thoughts on using a less professional approach on making and producing videos for campaigns and whether you think it engages with the appropriate audiences!

Emily x

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Supply < demand


I f you had read my previous post you will be aware that I attended the first ever CIPR PR show 2013! Whilst wondering around and browsing through the stalls I was very aware that the venue was inundated with students all in pursuit of a career in PR and related sectors!

I enjoy the fact that many others , like myself , chose to study PR as it gives the subject a certain calibre and makes it attractive…
The fact that large amounts of students are studying PR and will more than likely graduate with a 2:1 or above , also creates a great deal of competition and rising panic to the question ‘how will my CV stand out against so many others?’

I began thinking about this every growing supply of students and compared it to the demand of PR jobs that are remaining at the same capacity!

This led me to a severe CV re-giggle that includes any work experience or PR related skills I have picked up along my educational and working journey! I am also planning a years work experience with a globally established company , to allow me to put theory into practice and now I know will allow my CV to look a little more worth a read!

How do you feel students in the PR and PR related industry’s could make their CV’s stand out in the crowd?

Emily x

Exploring the area outside the comfort zone…


T uesday saw the first ever joining of PR practitioners, companies and students from all over the UK come together to form the main component to the well awaited Public relations show!

Not only was this the first ever public relations show for all of the PR focused attendees but was also the FIRST networking event I have attended since beginning my education and career focused journey in PR and Communications! I’m not embarrassed to admit that the idea of networking with experts in the world of PR made me feel extremely nervous and so under qualified , but motivation and complete certainty that a career in Pr and comms is for me was enough to force me too bite the bullet and jump right in!

I couldn’t have been more wrong! The professionals were amazingly understanding of my inquisitivity (obviously more so after I explained my student status ) explaining exactly what their company was about and how it was integral to the industry. I expressed most of my attention to their own personal background and growth within the PR and comms sector and the answers to these questions allowed me to breath for the first time in over a year! Most of the practitioners explained how they either ‘fell’ into the career or worked their way through many different sectors before deciding PR was what suited them, although everyone had a different story to tell they all agreed on one common ground.. That they LOVE what they do!

Networking amongst professionals may seem daunting to begin, but the results of throwing yourself in and really asking them what you want to know for your own journey is hugely comforting and resourceful! I know I will always feel a tingle of nerves before any networking situation whilst I’m a student and more than Likely a long while after my education, however one of the most important things to remember is

Everything you have ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone

which reminds me to push myself in situations that would be easier to run away from! I will now be much more willing to attend networking events on a more regular basis!

A big thank you to CIPR for organising and seamlessly running the event , and also a huge thank you to all the professionals that were willing to stop and talk to us students!

Emily x

Stunts and rhymes , Picasso revived.

We all knew Jay Z had a creative side due to the amount of clothing brands he manages to half rhyme within his raps, but this                 guy really knows how to create a PR stunt that will not only display his talents and promote his new song , but reach beyond the normal market and engage audiences of truly ALL ages and calibre .

Watching the video , produced by Jay Z himself, conjured up a feeling of togetherness between a range of public’s , young and old that all had one thing in common- their love for art and creativity . The song titled ‘Picasso Baby’ compliments the artistic links and creates an energy amongst a group of people with the most incredible diversity.

Hats off too Jay Z and team for producing a performance art film that focuses on not one specific market , but an assortment of public’s and successfully unites them as one. I know for a fact , that I will be purchasing this song , purely because of the uplifting feelings of togetherness , energy and inspiration I felt when watching this short movie.

Emily x